Did you know that 2021 has been declared the 'International Year of Fruits and Vegetables' by the United Nations General Assembly? In this blog we will tell you more about this special year and discuss the developments of vegetables for 2021.

The 'International Year of Fruits and Vegetables'

2021 has been given this theme in order to increase the attention paid to vegetables and fruit. Healthy and diverse food, whereby the food is produced in a sustainable and innovative manner, is at the centre of this. The International Year of Fruit and Vegetables therefore contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals and the well-being of the population.  The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day. However, most people worldwide do not yet eat enough fruits and vegetables.

In the Netherlands, the fruit and vegetable sector has therefore launched the ''geefkleurdoor'' (Pass on color) campaign this year. The aim is to raise awareness of the essential role of fruit and vegetables for a healthy and sustainable society in the Netherlands. This campaign started on World Health Day (7 April) and ends in October on World Food Day (16 October). 


Developments in vegetables in 2021

What developments in vegetables do we actually see in 2021? Below you can read this.

1. Vegetable convenience is becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Vegetable convenience is becoming increasingly important to consumers. This has to do with the increasingly busy and fast-paced lifestyle of the population. People generally do not always have much time to cook, but they do want to eat healthy. 

Although this is a European development, vegetable convenience is becoming increasingly popular especially in Northern Europe. In the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, consumers were already increasingly opting for vegetable convenience. 

In other countries, such as Germany, the demand for convenience products on the refrigerated shelf of supermarkets is increasing.  

Bean sprouts in a flow pack or processed in a wok pack are very quick and easy to prepare, therefore meeting the consumer's need of easy and healthy eating.  Curious about the possibilities for your cold store? Then please contact Koen van Kessel, who can be reached by telephone: 0031 6 - 10 24 70 30 or by e-mail at k.vankessel@eversspecials.nl.

Vegetable convenience

Flowpack bean sprouts 250GR

2. Meat substitutes even more popular

The production of meat substitutes has increased in recent years. Meat substitutes are mostly consumed on the basis of vegetables, soy or beans. Young people in particular are making increasingly conscious choices about their food. Evers Specials has joined forces with 12 other companies in Gelderland to form the Food Community Gelderland. Since 2017, these companies from various food chains have been working together to strengthen each other and the Gelderland food region. Recently, the inspiration box was introduced with unique products out of the region Gelderland, including several meat substitutes based on vegetables! Would you like more information about the box? Then contact Koen van Kessel, our salesmanager.

3. We waste less food

Although food waste is still wasted, this year we have become more conscious with it. This is probably because people are spending more time in the kitchen because of the corona crisis. We are more conscious with our food, so we throw less of it away.

Evers Specials undergoes various collaborations to prevent food wastage. For example, since September 2020, we have been supporting the Food Bank in Nijmegen by supplying bags of bean sprouts on a weekly basis. 

Would you also like to support the Voedselbank? Take a look at the website of Voedselbank Nijmegen, to see how you can help! 

Besides supporting the Voedselbank in Nijmegen, we are also involved in other ways to reduce waste. For example, our residual stream of bean skins, carrot tips and broken bean sprouts is currently going to local farmers. We are also researching new applications for the residual stream as food for human consumption.

Collaboration Evers with Voedselbank Nijmegen

Our salesmanager Koen van Kessel together with two drivers from Voedselbank Nijmegen

4. Health increasingly important

As a result of the corona-pandemic, people are more concerned with a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, and in particular fruit and vegetables, play an important role in this. We notice that because of the corona-pandemic people are eating more and more fruit and vegetables.

Did you know that: bean sprouts are very healthy? In this blog on our website, you can read four reasons why! 

So, we are eating more and more vegetables! This at different times during the day, in different recipes, as a meat replacement or when using up the leftovers. Delicious and healthy! 

Check out our recipe page for delicious and healthy recipes with bean sprouts!

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