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Evers Specials

Evers Specials is the largest bean sprouts specialist in Europe. We are always one step ahead.

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Our sprouts

Why bean sprouts from Evers Specials?

Because of our large-scale production process and many years of expertise we offer the best certainties when it comes to freshness and quality. Interested in more information about our bean sprouts and packaging options?

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The quality of Evers Specials

Food safety

Quality assurance is an intergral part of our daily business operations. To guarantee food safety we focus on transparant communication, pro-active actions and cooperation. Would you like to know more about our vision on food safety and certificates?

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Evers Specials organizes it's own transport. With our fixed carriers and team of drivers we can deliver 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in Europe. Curious to see if we could also help you? 

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In 1962 Evers Specials started as a mushroom farm. After 10 years we specialized in the product we have loved for years now: bean sprouts. And the rest, that's history. Would you like to know more about our past?

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Bean sprouts are the sprouts of the mungbean. With water and under strict control of oxygen and temperature, the mung beans germinate into bean sprouts in 7 days. Interested in more information about the growing process?

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