Looking back on the Food Crisis Management Event

On 2 September 2020 over 200 key stakeholders for food crisis management joined Freshfel and ESSA’s digital Food Crisis Management Event. Evers Specials was sponsor of this event. Read about the insights we gained during the event in this blog.

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Food safety blog

Together with our suppliers and partners we create high quality bean sprouts. For consumers vegetables should be safe without question, therefore securing quality and food safety is a crucial part of food producers everyday business. Are you interested to learn more about how we ensure the quality and food safety of our bean sprouts? Then read the new blog!

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The mung bean special

Since the last few years the formerly virtually unknown mung bean has been making a quick rise in Western cuisine. Mung beans are filled with high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are mostly used to grow mung bean sprouts. Read more about the power of this small bean in the first blog.

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