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Every day we harvest at least 75,000 kilos of fresh mung bean sprouts. We deliver these in various packaging to retail, industry and food service in a radius of 800 km around Nijmegen.

Evers Specials is a bean sprout grower, but also more than that. As a bean sprout specialist and European market leader, we take our responsibility in developing the sector.

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Our bean sprouts

Our values

Working at Evers Specials means working at Europe's largest bean sprout specialist. With over 70 employees, we provide our customers with daily fresh produce throughout Europe. As a team we roll up our sleeves and we strive for the best service and quality every day.

We do everything we can to help our customers. We have the guts to leave the beaten track and a great sense of responsibility. With creativity and resourcefulness we look for new solutions. Without frills, always with both feet on the ground.

We want to continuously renew, improve and expand the bean sprouts market with our expertise. And ourselves too. So we are always one step ahead. We can't do that alone, not without you! Will you join our team?

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Stories of our employees

Richard Vacquier Droop

Logistics employee

On April 3rd, 2018 I started working at Evers Specials. Before that, I worked at a transport company where I planned routes. I wanted more variety in my work and I definitely found this at Evers Specials. Here I am responsible for the logistics planning, communication with drivers and customers, taking orders, processing orders, helping growers with the production planning and more. I find this diversity and bustle the nicest thing about my work. And of course the customer contact. When we have resolved an issue and the customer is truly satisfied; I really find fulfilment in that. I love the approachable and informal culture at Evers Specials. When I worked here for two months, a growing cell with mung beans had to be emptied quickly and unexpectedly. I did this together with the managing director, so the production employees could continue with their work and the production line kept rolling as usual. I thought that was quite special.

Tijn Spanbroek

Head of engineering

In September 2014 I began working at Evers Specials. I started with a Vocational Learning study. I went to school 1 day a week and worked the other 4 days as a technical engineer. I liked that combination very much. I have now completed my education, but I continue to develop myself here at Evers Specials. Since September 2019 I am head of engineering. I work a lot on process optimization. I coordinate projects and really think about the technical future of Evers Specials. That gives me energy. The best thing about working at Evers Specials is the diversity. I am responsible for all technical matters of the company. From the machines in the production line, to building maintenance and the lamps in the office. No two days are the same. That makes the work challenging and interesting.

Shakita Sardjoesingh

Small packaging employee

I have been working at Evers Specials for a year and a half now. I'm from Suriname and there I worked in a restaurant. I met my husband in Suriname and he worked at Evers Specials for 11 years. When we were married, I moved to the Netherlands and later also started working at Evers Specials. I work in the small packaging department and I ensure that all packaging is ready on time to go to our customers. The colleagues are the best thing about working at Evers Specials. I believe you need to have fun at work and feel comfortable. I have nice colleagues with whom I can get along really well. What I find special about Evers Specials is seeing how the bean sprouts grow in the cells. When I tell people that bean sprouts germinate from a bean, they are very surprised.

Michael Spithoven

Production employee

Around 7 years ago I started working at Evers Specials. As a production employee you are responsible for all the different steps in production. From harvesting the bean sprouts, to cleaning cells, or filling packages. I think it is important that everyone on the team enjoys themselves at work. That is why I am a member of the employees council. The best thing about working at Evers Specials is working in a team. We have a diverse team and a nice cooperation with each other. In addition, I like the flexibility here. I have never been told that something was not possible. For example, if I ever want to change something in my schedule, it can be arranged.

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