From a small bean sprouts grower to the largest bean sprouts specialist in Europe

New techniques. In-house logistics. Improving, challenging, exploring, taking new leaps. That is pioneering. And that is part of our character. Because good, can always be better.

We are co-founder of the European Sprouted Seeds Association. We collaborate intensively with the farmers who grow our mungbeans. And we are always looking for new solutions and partnerships. We leave the beaten track. We experiment. We take on challenges. Always curious, helpful and confident. We roll up our sleeves and go for it every day. Why? Because we do everything we can to help our customers.

We are there where we can create value. Not just for ourselves, but for the entire supply chain. Whether it is about quality, product innovation, food safety, technical developments or improving the vegetable sector. We are always one step ahead. With our knowledge and experience we renew, expand and improve the international bean sprouts market.

Until bean sprouts are on everyone's shopping list!

Packing bean sprouts on the assembly line

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