Doing business with respect for nature, the environment and society. That is what sustainability is all about for us. We work according to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) basic code and are Planetproof certified. 

Our policy

At a minimum, we operate within the legal regional and (inter)national environmental frameworks. In addition, every day we seek new ways to minimize the ecological footprint of our production process, while maximizing the value for our partners.

New applications for the bean sprouts residual flow

We clean bean sprouts after harvest, leaving seed skins and root tips as a residual stream. This residual flow goes to farmers in the area as animal feed. We also enter into partnerships for new applications of the residual flow as food for human consumption.

Residual and waste flows are collected separately

We collect our residual and waste streams separately so that they can be recycled. Leftover bean sprouts are largely converted into biogas. We use this to meet the natural gas needs of a dozen households. With this service we not only prevent food waste, but also ensure that our customers always have a fresh product.

Use water as economically as possible

We prevent soil contamination. We ensure in our processes that no wastewater or other contaminants enter the soil. 

Limit noise nuisance or odor emissions for the environment

We strive not to cause any nuisance, such as noise or other emissions, to our surroundings. 

At Evers Specials we are sparingly with our resources

We handle raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials as sparingly as possible.

We prevent soil pollution

We prevent soil contamination. We ensure in our processes that no wastewater or other contaminants enter the soil. 

We minimize fuel consumption

We minimize fuel consumption through our sophisticated transport routes and bundling of transport. We not only transport our own bean sprouts, but also the goods of other producers on our routes. By bundling transport in this way, we make our logistics chain more sustainable. 


Origin and chain responsibility

We believe in the power of collaboration. That is why we look beyond our own footprint and production location. We maintain close ties with the mung bean growers and are committed to the welfare of the farmers.

Help innovate and provide training

We help farmers innovate and provide training in:

  • Food safety
  • Growing methods
  • Raw material choices
  • Translation of European regulations into local implementation

Evers Specials is also partner of the ACTIOM project. A four-year project that started in 2019, aimed at improving the well-being of mung bean farmers in Myanmar.

Promoting the welfare of farmers in Myanmar

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