Bean sprouts belong to the sprouts category and are the sprouts of the mung bean. The mung bean comes from Asia, where bean sprouts are indispensable in meals. Bean sprouts are also increasingly used in Western cuisine. With a crispy bite, fresh color and neutral taste, bean sprouts belong on every plate.

The process 

Harvesting mung beans

1. The raw material: mung beans 

Evers Specials works closely with farmers in Asia. The farmers sow and harvest the mung beans. 


Mung beans processing and storage

2. Delivery & storage 

The mung beans arrive at Evers Specials. We check the quality and perform different culture tests. Then we store the mung beans. 

Filling bean sprouts culture cells

3. Washing & filling growing cells 

The mung beans are washed and are transported in water to the growing cells. We fill a growing cell with a measured amount of mung beans.

Harvesting bean sprouts mechanically

4. Sprouting & harvesting 

With water and under strict control of oxygen and temperature, the beans germinate into bean sprouts in 7 days. We harvest the bean sprouts from the cells. 

Cleaning bean sprouts from root tips

5. Sieving & packaging 

We clean the bean sprouts of root apexes and bean husks. We package the product in various quantities. From bulk, to crates, or small containers. 

Vacuum cooling and transport Evers Specials

6. Cooling & transport 

In half an hour we cool the bean sprouts back to around 5 °C. Through vacuum cooling we promote shelf life and food safety. We deliver the bean sprouts to the customer no later than the next morning.  

Bean sprouts preparation methods

Cooking methods of bean sprouts

The possibilities with bean sprouts are endless. Bean sprouts are most commonly used in stir fry, fried rice or noodles. Another known cooking method of bean sprouts is blanching. Dip the bean sprouts in boiling water for half a minute, then remove them immediately. This way, the vitamins and minerals are retained and the bean sprouts remain nice and crispy. Also, try sprouts as a garnish in salads and soups. Or make Taughetti, and replace pasta with bean sprouts.

More inspiration with bean sprouts in the kitchen?

Bean sprouts inspiration

Applications of bean sprouts

Evers Specials produces fresh bean sprouts, that can be processed in various ways. For example:


Packaged in glass or tin for a long shelf life.


For example in ready-made meals and vegetable dishes.

Snacks and convenience products

For example in spring rolls with deep-frozen, dried or fresh bean sprouts.

Dried (air or freeze drying)

For example in instant soups.

Nutritional values ​​of bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are packed with healthy nutrients and are a good source of vitamin C, and rich in fibre and folic acid. Furthermore, in comparison to other vegetables bean sprouts contain a lot of plant-based protein. The nutritional values ​​of bean sprouts are given in the table below. The blue-colored cells indicate that bean sprouts score better for this component than the other vegetables. Click on the table to enlarge it.

Nutritional values of bean sprouts

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