In 1962, Harry Evers founded a mushroom nursery: Evers Specials. Shortly thereafter, the demand for bean sprouts rose. The bean sprout market was still in its infancy and had to become more professional. Harry recognized the potential in the bean sprout market and decided to do so. With each growing bean sprout, Evers Specials' passion for the product grew as well. In the following years, Evers Specials increasingly specialized in bean sprouts. Ten years after it was founded, Evers Specials became a real bean sprout nursery.

First Evers Specials truck

The first truck of Evers Specials 


In the mid-1980s, Evers Specials examined how bean sprouts can be preserved. From 1980 to 1990, Evers Specials' bean sprouts were all about preserves. Evers Specials' production capacity was full in the early 1990s. In order to meet the high demand, a nursery was founded in France that ran until 1998. In the meantime, many innovations have been implemented in the growing bean sprouts in the Netherlands.

Cutting the ribbon of the French bean sprout nursery at Evers Specials

The opening of the French nursery (1993)

First automated bean sprouts filling line at Evers Specials

The first automated production line (early '90s)

Historic building bean sprouts nursery

Evers Specials in 1995

2000 - 2020

The first years of the new century were characterized by automation and technical developments that increased the production capacity. Cleaning lines, filling areas and new loading ramps were built and additional cold rooms were added. Evers Specials produced more and more bean sprouts and got bigger.

Transporting harvested bean sprouts with a transport vibrator

In the early 2000s a vibrating conveyor belt was built, to transport the harvested sprouts to the cleaning room. 

Cultivation control with computer for bean sprouts harvest

The first computer with software, used for the growing process (early 2000s)

Cooling bean sprouts in a cooling machine

Engineer working on the cooling device of one of the cooling storages (early 2000s)

In 2012 the ESSA (European Sprouted Seeds Association) was founded. As a co-founder, Evers Specials was an important source of knowledge for many European sprout producers. The guarantee of quality and the development of the branch is and remains an integral part of the business.

European Sprouted Seed Association

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