For us, sustainability is about doing business with respect for nature, the environment and society. Every day, we seek new ways to minimize the ecological footprint of our production process. In this blog, we will therefore tell you more about sustainability at Evers Specials.

Evers Specials PlanetProof certified

Evers Specials is PlanetProof certified. This certification from On the Way to PlanetProof distinguishes itself from other labels through its total approach, with up to eight sustainability themes. These themes are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

The certified growers and farmers have to meet strict and extra-legal requirements. 

These requirements are evaluated annually and gradually tightened, so that they can be made even more sustainable. Consumers can see at a single glance from the Planetproof logo that a product has been grown more sustainably. This makes it easier for consumers to make sustainable and responsible choices. You can find our certificate here. More information about this certification can be found on the website of On the way to PlanetProof.

On the left our bean sprouts, on the right our residual stream of seed skins, root tips and broken bean sprouts.

Processing of residual flows in the food industry

We enter into various collaborations to reduce waste. For example, our residual stream of seed skins, root tips and broken bean sprouts is currently going to farmers in the area. By doing so, Evers Specials contributes to a circular food chain. 

In addition, we are conducting research into new applications for the residual stream as food for human consumption. 

Together with other companies, we are participating in an innovative PPP (public-private partnership) project of Wageningen University and Food Tech Brainpoort that combines knowledge development with valorization activities. The cooperation with Wageningen University, Food Tech Brainport and other companies should stimulate an integrated approach to the processing of vegetable by-products and residual flows and prevent waste.

Sustainable interacting

For us sustainability also means dealing sustainably with each other. Long-term collaborations are important in this respect. With both customers and employees. 


Did you know: that every employee who has been with us for 25 years receives a nameplate on our property? For example, the parking lot is named after our quality manager Kees Kruik. 

Our quality manager Kees Kruik.

A green renovation

We recently started a major renovation. We want to use this renovation as an opportunity to do business even more sustainably in the future. For example, the roof of our new building will be covered with solar panels, and we will be switching to a different cooling system, which will enable us to connect the energy flows in larger sizes. In this way we can reuse the energy in other processes within our production process. 

Staying sustainable

We are aware that the road to sustainability never stops. It remains important to keep working on this, and to keep looking for new ways to minimize our ecological footprint. So we will continue to do this. Now and in the future. 

Would you like to know more about sustainability at Evers Specials? Then go to our ''sustainability'' page. 

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