Everyone needs it: someone to support you if you can't manage your laptop or computer. For us, that person is Theo Vos. We thought it was time to dedicate a blog to Theo. 

Theo is our regular ICT employee. He has been working for Keos Systems & Services, our partner in the field of ICT, for 10 years. From the start at Keos Systems, Theo has been doing various jobs for us. By now, we no longer consider him a partner, but a colleague!

In this blog you can read more about his activities, the atmosphere at Evers and trends in the field of ICT.

Can you tell us more about Keos Systems & Services?

''Definitely! We are a small ICT company that mainly focuses on SME customers with about 50 employees. We also do some work for private individuals from time to time, but that is not our core business. Our customers are very diverse; think of real estate agents, accountants and production companies. Keos Systems started out in real estate, where we used to offer network solutions. From there we moved on to ICT. By this I mean network and hardware related. We work mainly in the region of Gelderland, with exceptions in the west and north. We are therefore a fairly regional company. Evers Specials is a good relation of ours where we have been coming for many years now.''   

What exactly is your role at Keos Systems and what tasks do you perform for Evers?

''My job title is Systems Engineer. That actually means operational ICT work. Think of installing network and hardware servers at customers. Nowadays, this is also developing towards the cloud. We are therefore also responding to the cloud. If customers have wishes in another area, such as telephony or applications of other hardware, we usually respond to that. This is the case for Evers.''

How do you experience your work at Evers, for instance in comparison to work at other customers?

''Evers is a very diverse company for us, because at Evers we work in production, shipping, logistics and the office. That means that there are many facets we have to take into account within the company. That appeals to me enormously. I also like the contact and the mentality at Evers. At Evers work many different employees and it is always very easy-going. Evers has a village-like atmosphere and you can always walk in on anyone. The doors are always open at Evers. Besides that, Evers is progressive. All in all we like it very much''. 

So are the activities at Evers different from those at other companies?

''The greatest difference is that many companies only do office work. That is different at Evers. As mentioned, Evers also has production and shipping. This in turn involves other requirements with regard to equipment, for example. So it is different from, for instance, working at an accountant's office, where you are only busy at the office. Transport, for instance, is also a completely different branch, which makes it a completely different world. The fact that it is so diverse at Evers also makes my work very enjoyable.''

Then a general question: have there been any changes in ICT recently?

''Lately it are mainly external threats that play a bigger role in the ICT world. We have to anticipate this, because if things go wrong it can have major consequences. This is different from the past. As a result, we must also increasingly act as educators for users. We have to indicate what users should and should not do, what they should pay attention to and how they should, for example, leave the workplace safely. That is how we are increasingly taking on that teaching role.''

Finally, what other trends do you see emerging in the ICT world?

''Than I come back to the story of the cloud, which will have an impact on the ICT landscape. In addition, security is indeed becoming more and more important. Although the traditional workplace remains, working from home is also becoming more common. This makes it increasingly difficult to maintain security, and you have to respond adequately to this. These are the trends that I foresee for the coming years.''

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