With its crispy bite, bright color and neutral taste, bean sprouts belong on every plate. For an optimal product, proper storage is very important. In this blog, we tell you all about storing bean sprouts! 

What should I pay attention to when buying bean sprouts?

The following points are important when buying bean sprouts:

  •  The bean sprouts should be bright and white in color.
  •  The bean sprouts should be crunchy. This can be seen by the thickness and firmness of the bean sprouts.
  •  The packaging of the bean sprouts must not contain too many root tips and green bean pods. We ensure that these are as few as possible by using a procise sieving process. 

Now that we know what to look for when buying bean sprouts, you can use them in a dish right away or store them for a while. 

Bean sprouts in the refrigerator 

Always store bean sprouts refrigerated and covered. The recommended storage temperature for bean sprouts is 2-7 °C. The average temperature of a refrigerator is 4°C. Therefore the refrigerator is the ideal place to store bean sprouts! 

Freezing bean sprouts 

You can also freeze bean sprouts. In this way, bean sprouts can be kept for longer. It is important that you blanch the bean sprouts briefly - for no more than 1 minute - before freezing them. 

What is blanching? 
Blanching is usually applied to vegetables and ensures that they remain crisp. 
Blanching is a cooking technique, in which the food is first immersed in boiling water for a few minutes, after which it is rinsed with cold water.
Because the food is cooled immediately, the cooking process is interrupted and the crunchiness of the vegetables is preserved.

Defrosting bean sprouts

You don't need to defrost bean sprouts. Once out of the freezer, you can add it directly to the pan. Caution! Bean sprouts should be added to a dish as the last ingredient in order to keep them crunchy. 

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